@prologic (#g3th6hq) Okay, I had a look at the image code and noticed, that we don’t support JPEG. When requesting an image using Accept: image/jpeg, a PNG is delivered instead. Locally converting the PNG to JPEG using convert, results in a much smaller size. I used @off_grid_living’s solar panels https://twtxt.net/media/xpdN2Zg3WrZCLAhBo4Wu2U and got the following file sizes: 312.5 KiB PNG, 214.5 KiB WebP and 76.8 KiB JPEG. For photos, JPEG’s savings are quite significant. EXIF information are stripped when uploading an image, which is fine to me, @movq@www.uninformativ.de would disagree on that. ;-) Maybe the hardcoded maximum image resize width of 720 px would be something to make configurable by twtd operators.