Joining this Pod

Hi there 👋 Welcome to 🤗

This pod is one of many decentralised instances of a software called yarnd that powers much of the network. Please refer to the About page for more information.

Unfortunately, due to increased levels of spam and unwanted accounts such as those from marketing companies using any available web application or website with an open registration and easy to use interface for SEO link submission, the operator of this pod has decided to disable “Open Registrations”.

Furthermore, unfortuantely, since we haven’t yet built an Invite System this page stands as a temporary substitute for information on how to join this pod.

Essentially you have two options:

  • Contact the pod operator via the Support form, or
  • If you happen to know the pod operator or anyone else on the pod, contact them.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience, but is not a platform for your advertising, marketing crap, NFT scams, cryptocurrency bullshit or other such unwanted rubbish.

Thank you! 🙏