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@prologic Hi, I am really excited to find this project and would like to ask if I can delete one of my tweets? I can’t seem to find a delete button.

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(#45yvgxq) @prologic sure. Now I got the setup wirking, I will work my way through all the pages while I’m at it. I might need to help for making a git commit and pr since I have only used GitHub web UI so far.

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@darch (#45yvgxq) I agree. How about an FAQ section on the Help page? Can you help me update some of the default pages too? The rebranding effort is still far from complete, I still have a lot of references to “Twt.social” left to refactor and so forth 🤗

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(#45yvgxq) Wuhoo😀 thx! This feature should be described in a FAQ, so user know the can reach out to the pod admin if they experience images not being shown.

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(#45yvgxq) Yes I added darch\.dk to my pod’s domain whitelist. 😂 – Also I figured out wtf was going on, I think that error response was cached on my end, weird 🤣

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(#45yvgxq) @darch

so you will have to ask the pod admin to whitelist the feeds you follow on external servers?

Not the feeds, it works on entire domains. – So the pods.

(Will you add this one too https://twtxt.net/twt/edmcsma ;)

I don’t understand how that particular post ends in an error :/

error executing template permalink: template: permalink:92:17: executing "twt" at <$.Twt.Hash>: nil pointer evaluating interface {}.Hash

I’ve never understood that, you’ve linked it before 😳

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@darch @jlj@twt.nfld.uk (#45yvgxq)

does this mean that media can now be loaded from other pods/servers?

Yes 🤣 It was always possible but it was a bit of a PITA to tweak as a pod owner/operator. So I just made that easier 🤗

  • Head over to Settings
  • Then Pod Management
  • Then Manage Pod
  • Then update WhitelistedDomains

This is represented in the Pod Management UI as a list of regex strings, one per line that is then written out to the ./data/settings.yml override and applied live.

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@movq@www.uninformativ.de (#25d6gla)

Nice to see the twtiverse grow. 😊

To be honest I’m never sure whether to call what we’ve collectively built and still grow and improve all the time “twt” or “yarn” 🤔 On one hand we’ve built up far more capabilities than the underlyling spec that underpins the “paltform”. OTOH it’s still realy twtxt if you look under the covers 😂 (Sorry @buckket 😉)

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@darch @jlj@twt.nfld.uk (#rc7tt5a) This makes perfect sense 👌 The downside of a traditional “notification” system is a) it’s hard to do (espcailly on Mobile) and )b) even harder to “self-host” and c) it would detract from the current “data models” currently used pretty much everywhere.

So I’m glad we’re just keeping it simple like this 🤗

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@jlj@twt.nfld.uk (#45yvgxq) This post prompted me to commit and push:

* 0bee6cb 2021-09-24 | Add WhitelistedDomains support to Manage Pod settings [James Mills]

Because I want to see images you post “inline” 🤗