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(#7625tqq) @movq @prologic I read somewhere that Signal is considering removing the phone number requirement. Hopefully this will be a option for you soon. I also wish Matrix has easier for normal users. To setup the server I used Yunohost and it was really easy, even with federation.


@prologic (#qywwn6a) Yeah it wasn’t. The housing shroud of the box to hold the fan has a 40mm half circle pipe cut into the box, that fits over the 32mm conduit space, so both fit through the 90 by 90 hole through the besser block wall. In summer, this fan will help keep the room cooler.

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(#7625tqq) To be honest with you, I don’t really like Matrix at all. I think they made some fatal mistakes in their design, architecture and user experience IHMO. I agree with you, the UI is utter garbage. Worse yet is their “server implementation”, it’s actually quite hard to get up and running to the point where I couldn’t even be bothered spending the time.

For my family/friends I just recommend Signal 👌

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(#4gtuzoq) I think we can if we just use a “wildcard cert”. I honestly don’t understand what the benefit of using Vault is in this case, where we can just use a single wildcard cert and just shove that in a Traefik ingress load balancer and be done with it.

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(#mgkf66a) rss2twtxt unable to parse Atom correctly, item.PublishedParsed is always nil. has the same bug. Simply use feed.ToRss() and rss2twtxt will parse correctly.

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The three orange cables plus a black cable, are the power wires running into conduit that leads to the house, 3 power lines and 1 24Volt lighting line. They seem to enter the box on the top right, which is cut to go around the 32mm conduit, is in fact a box to channel the extractor fan air to the outside of the power house. So I share the same hole with extractor fan and conduit for the 4 wires.

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(#fnzqmsa) I dunno, I feel like this is something my browser should be doing for me. I noticed it doesn’t offer to translate the page for me… I wonder if we can leverage that somehow?

 (17 hours ago) (#u54qprq) At this point it is important to have the vaccine independent the maker. It is unique that this time we are paying attention about the maker. Seems like the light is showing in the end of the tunnel! Finally! 🤞

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(#r5m7hna) Ha, doing waht the error message from make dev suggested (go get did the trick: Now it picked up my changes in the templates:) Thanks everyone, you are great:)