In-reply-to » Whaaaaaaaat, you’re doing a programming challenge at this time of the year and it ISN’T Advent of Code?! 😱 😅

haha… AoC just started today and someone had the good idea of creating their challenge on November, so… 😅

Something I don’t like from Advent of code, is that there is a challenge every day. In December I want to rest a bit! I think a weekly challenge would be enough for me 😮

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My 1FA is Probably Better than Your MFA

Yep, I’ve always thought of authenticating with Key pairs on the web. We have something similar for Gemini, although that protocol by itself is very hipster.
And the alternative WebAuthn/Passkeys is pretty tricky to implement and not universally supported, although was designed with good intentions for the massive public… Result, (almost) no one uses it

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Amanhã, sábado dia 2, 10h, vou fazer uma apresentação de cerca de 40m “Python científico na programação criativa: o que eu aprendi até agora de numpy para usar nos meus desenhos”, que deve depois ficar gravada.

Essa apresentação é parte do Processing Community Day Brasil 2023, um evento gratuito, online apenas, organizado por pessoas voluntárias da comunidade brasileira de programação criativa, transmitido pelo canal
Veja a programação completa em

Nos sábados 9 e 16 de dezembro, 10h vou fazer 2 encontros de 2h, via Google Meet.
Para participar dos encontros peço uma contribuição de R$100 por encontro, ou o quanto você conseguir contribuir, via pix (46c37783-5edb-4f1c-b3a8-1309db11488c) ou PayPal.

Qualquer dúvida, me escreva!
#Processing #Python #numpy #py5 #programaçãoCriativa


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“Não é só a extrema-direita, os neoliberais também têm alimentado o negacionismo climático

Existe um negacionismo climático que não se baseia em palpites que colidem com o senso comum. É um negacionismo ao qual a Economia neoliberal fornece blindagem. Na política portuguesa, a Iniciativa Liberal e os seus quadros são os principais promotores deste negacionismo.”

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In-reply-to » @movq Thanks! Woohoo, now it's also white down here: Today's walk is going to be even better.

My camera fell down on the bathroom tiles and now my corners are black. Looks like the aperture got moved or so. Anyways, we played in 20 cm snow up on the mountain. With all that snow it was much easier to get up and down. But the restaurant car didn’t make it today. The way home is mostly downhill, so we had good fun taking running starts and sliding a few meters down the streets. Every now and then suddenly our boot got good grip again and we nearly layed down on our faces.

Snowman and car that didn't manage to climb the steep road

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Why is there no great possibility in HTML to enter a timestamp with timezone information? HTML5 brings us a nice timestamp input widget with <input type="datetime-local">. But that’s just local time, whatever that might be on the client. What kind of fool came up with this? Almost good, mostly bad. Now I have the option to add custom timezone select boxes next to the timestamp input fields (or just one timestamp select box in front of all timestamp fields) or just ignore that useless HTML5 crap and go with an <input type="text"> instead. Sigh.

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In-reply-to » Context-switches are a real productivity killer if it means that by the time you get back to the previous context your remote desktop session expired. Happens to us all the time with test devices, too. :-( And then you gotta start all over again because you most likely do not get the previous one where you already set up your stuff.

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Context-switches are a real productivity killer if it means that by the time you get back to the previous context your remote desktop session expired.

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