In-reply-to » @mckinley having a hard time with go and http/json

go run main.go -T "stuff" -e "google" -t "es" -f "en" does indeed spit out a response from the api, but you’ll likely need to build a struct to map the return values to just what you want (ie the text translation for instance).

you’ll likely need to unmarshall the response to pluck out what you need into a string format and return only that.

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In-reply-to » On SaaS/Cloud services and finance tracking software. Of all of the pieces of software out there and Saas / Cloud services the one I truly do enjoy using and have a great deal of respect for is Buxfer™.

It’s not very well known. It should be. The CEO has asked me to help promote it a bit better. The reason it’s not so well known, is these guys have focused on features and user experience over “marketing”. Let’s help them by promoting this little gem 👌

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Good call tonight, touched on some interesting topics.

  • Use cases for encrypted feeds (#770)
  • Trying to reproduce “Bad Request” when replying to a twt (#ej6bbpq)
  • Categorization of feeds (Lists) (#937)
  • Media uploads using yarnc
  • Handling NSFW content (#944)

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In-reply-to » i've been trying firefox 20.x and 30.x with freebsd's linux binary compat, and not even this site displays properly on the latter....

i’m already aware of palemoon but it’s not even worth it, as build times are like literally being in hell

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