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(#4wzxsma) Hi,admin.Thank you for the greeting.Glad to twt with you here.
My English is really too poor,but I really like the interface of here.May I still post the Chinese contents here freely sometimes?

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Got all three strings set to user defined voltages:
One is set to 32.7 V to force it read same settings as the second at 33.0 V , the new MPPT set at 33.0V also moves to float earlier than the other two. This is desirable. On bulk I should get 90amps, and on absorb all three should fold back and only two finish off, while one sits on float earlier, than other two.


Cabbages look OK, just a bit pale. Perhaps not enough nutrients, but the cuttings are still OK. The system is in the 5th week. The inverter still fanned up for a few hours, despite the ambient temperature being 15 degrees. Not very efficient in converting power obviously. Temperature here at moment is 6 degrees. It’s 6 am.


@lyse @movq @prologic (#g3th6hq) Interesting comments Lyse. The image you speak of is 37.9KB, and I use James camera which makes a 6MB file. I than get the image in Windows 8 Photos viewer, and press Screen Shot, Paste the file into MSPaint, a primitive Paint program. I than use capture size to get the image again, and paint it again into Paint, unchanged. It is saved as a JPEG file, reducing the image from 6MB to 37.9 KB. The file is than used for Internet publishing on my website, . It would be nice if software made image files smaller automaticly


(#jro3wba) @darch Sure! No worries I get it. Time/Energy is hard to come by when you have a full-time job, family, other activities, etc. That’s not to say that this project doesn’t see any time/effort, it does, just more slowly at the moment.

Share your ideas, I’m very curious 🙇‍♂️


(#jro3wba) @prologic (#jro3wba) I haven’t been working on twtxt/yarn stuff for the last couple of months. Been busy with organising live gigs and learning to code GLSL shaders. But I think I can get back to it next week. I had an idea for a white paper (I think that is what you call it) on the potentials for how twtxt/yarn can replace the silo social medias. It could go along with the manifesto.