In-reply-to » @prologic Watched that one the other day after seeing that much chatter about #HTMX on the feed. And now I'm watching HTMX Sucks - Youtube by the same person (or should I say people?) 😂

But what would you prefer if you were rethinking the architectural design of your next web app? A bazillion lines of Javascript™ with all kinds of indirections and acrobatics that are impossible to understand? 🤔 – Or just write your web application as a normal set of pages in the Hypermedia Driven Application (HDA) style/architecture, than sprinkle a few hx-* attributes and get the same user experience? 😅 #htmx

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In-reply-to » Test

A initial post, reply and conv -> post (bottom of page) and nothing 🤔 All 6 requests are POST /post followed by a GET <from> where ever I was coming from. Hmmm 🧐 This is nuts 🌰

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Went on a great 20km hike to the Wäscherschloss (lit. Launderer Castle) with my mate. Unfortunately, the castle was closed (only opens on Sundays and public holidays), so we had to peek under the door with our cameras.


Sunny and a few clouds, very windy, my hat blew off a few times, perfect 20°C hiking weather. Could have been a few degrees less, though. We walked through some beautiful scenery, especially when it is lit up by the sun. Really gorgeous views and paths. I should go over there more often. Last time was almost exactly two years ago.

The one steep foot path in the forest had 60cm deep canyons from the flood two weeks ago. Absolutely crazy! The burried post cable caution tape even was revealed. That path didn’t look like a path anymore at all.

At home I had to remove a tick. Those fucking bastards!

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Very humid 20°C, cloudy and partially raining. That was today’s weather when we went into the woods and paid or backyard mountain a visit: Not very many folks around, looked like they all feared the liquid sunshine. The visibiliy was fairly mixed. Pretty clear in the west, we could see the Stuttgart TV tower 38.55km away (04). But very hazy to the north (03) when a rain cloud appeared.

Chestnut face nailed to a tree stump

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In-reply-to » Got a new pack of rosin for my double bass. There was a large bubble of air trapped inside. 🥴 It slowly made its way up over the course of a couple of days and now it finally burst. 😅 Indeed, it’s quite translucent. 😃

It depends on the type of rosin, though. The one that I used before is basically opaque and also much harder:

I intentionally went for the softer rosin this time, because I find it easier to use. It’s stickier and can be applied to the bow much easier.

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Got a new pack of rosin for my double bass. There was a large bubble of air trapped inside. 🥴 It slowly made its way up over the course of a couple of days and now it finally burst. 😅

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In-reply-to » 👋 If y'all notice any weird quirks or UI/UX bugs of late on my pod, please let me know! 🙏 For those that have a Javascript enabled web browser will notice (hopefully) a SPA (single page app) like experience, even in Mobile! No more full page refreshes! All this without writing a single line of Javascript (let alone React or whatever) 😅 -- HTMX is pretty damn cooL! 😎 #htmx

Also.. why different?

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In-reply-to » Couple of days ago I made a small patch to yarnd (this pod effectively runs main) that filtered out "inactive users", hard-coded to be LastSeenAt > 90 days and not bother fetching feeds for anything they follow. This has had a dramatic impact on the resources used by this pod ( -- See screenshtos. Right, this makes sense. Also, @bender reported the same over in That whole conversation looks like that for me: Bender edits in red, notices in fuchsia (probably edits and leaves the message unchanged), and prologic acknowledges in orange. This conversation over here is marked in lime. Yeah, tt doesn’t filter out duplicates. Maybe I should implement that.

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In-reply-to » These 24°C were brutal. The cow in 03 was standing in the bog, not sure why she liked this brackish water. It sounded "tchlk, schlk" when she moved around in that mud (what do you call that?). Some of these canyons, like 14, are over 30cm deep. Wow. In 15 at a height of two meters, a torn rag hangs in the tree in the creek bed. It's crazy to see how high the flood came in 16 with all the washed up stuff in the hedge.


24°C brutal? Pfff, try 33°C then, and a 53% humidity. 😂

Bah! We like it cold over here! 😂

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Muay Boran Martial Arts Sparring w Small Gloves 7: Strike and Grapple
In Muay Boran sparring we can apply both strikes and grappling exchanges. This allows practitioners to get accustomed to using other body weapons aside from just striking. In today’s fighting environment, it’s important to know how it feels to be taken down and hit on the ground. By becoming familiar with level changes, practitioners learn to deal with pressure in any circumstance and counter accordingly.#martialarts #muayboran #muaythai #warrior #technique #selfdefense #karate #kungfu #kickboxing #martialartstraining #sparring #sweeps #silat #combatsports #mma #howtospar #foryou

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Martial Arts Sparring: Student Review 2 - Keep Going
Another important aspect of sparring is working on cardio and mental control. This is accomplished by going as many rounds as you can. After a certain point, you may find it challenging to raise your hands or kick as you normally do. That’s when you dig deep and keep on going. In this student review, I’ve pushed students to go a bit longer to increase, not only endurance, but their inner core.#martialarts #muayboran #muaythai #warrior #technique #selfdefense #karate #kungfu #kickboxing #martialartstraining #sparring #mentalstrength #silat #focus #basics #mindset #dontgiveup #foryou

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