In-reply-to » Thanks again @movq !! I have figured things out and set up Jenny and Vim completion following your blog post! Cheers!


What the heck is going on with the encoding here?! The feed’s Content-Type header does not include any charset, but I’m still relying on the official twtxt client to fetch and parse feeds. Haven’t noticed this with any other feeds. Where in the chain is this messed up? :-? Seems like the “space” is the Unicode line separator U+2028, that we use for newlines.

Maybe WTF-8 encoding!?

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You got those Crayola books?

Yeah, technicolor rainbow. Let’s find them on the #internetarchive:

Green one, International UNIX environments:
(couldn’t find what book is this, help wanted)

Luscious orange, Computer security criteria… DoD standards:

The pink-shirt book… guide to IBM PCs. So-called due to the nasty pink shirt the guy wears on the cover:

Devil book, the UNIX bible:

Dragon book, compiler design:

The Red book. NSA-trusted networks. Otherwise known as ‘The Ugly Red Book That Won’t Fit On A Shelf’:

#hackers #hacktheplanet Four guys around a table

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In-reply-to » @prologic I might have mentioned this already but you might want to look into MoneroPay for payment processing when you get to that point with It's a completely self-hosted backend service for receiving and tracking Monero payments and it's written in Go.

@mckinley Looks like XMR is much more stable than bloody BTC which is nice 🤣

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I took advantage of the last sunny, but also 25°C hot day and hiked in the woods. It was so much more pleasant in the forest than out in the sun. The wind could have been a long stronger with that heat. I was completely soaked.

At one point I thought I better grab my camera out of my backpack, so whenever something comes up, I’m ready. But I was too lazy and thought, well, I just wait until there is a nice subject and keep going instead. No joke, ten meters further I came across two squirrels. A red and a brown one, sitting on a tree at just one and three meters height two meters away from me. If I only had unpacked my bloody cam a few seconds ago! I just watched them sit on the tree and then tried to slowly strip my backpack and grad the cam. It was still booting up when they decided it was enough sitting around and climbed higher. What a silly move on my end, damn.

I tried to improvise some Lyse Street View, but felt really uncomfortable to photograph other people’s houses. Somehow my cam produced sooo many blurred shots on the way up still away from the village, it’s unbelievable. I scrapped nearly the entire project. Only very few survived. There were heaps of people on the mountain summit, so I quickly left again.

Flower bed in the village

Looking forward to next week’s rain and temperature drop to 16°C or even 8°C.

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