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 (19 hours ago) (#eymhvia) Hmmm I’ve been working on trying to remove the need to fully qualify tag URIs on this client/platform. But what you’ve just done makes me wonder whether we could/should add a twtxt2html command-line tool reusing all the parsing, Markdown and HTML handling we’ve already worked quite hard at, including all the extensions we built on top of twtxt (all backwards compatible). Hmm? 🤔 Would you use it? 😀


Goodbye FreeNode. 👋 – This might very well be goodbye in general to IRC for me after 18 long years of being on FreeNode and actively using IRC. 😢


@anvis (#4wzxsma) Hi! Welcome!

Yes you may post whatever you like 😁 (As long as it complies with the abuse policy 🤣 — Basically don’t harass, abuse others or do anything that might be considered illegal in your country!)


(#jro3wba) @darch Sure! No worries I get it. Time/Energy is hard to come by when you have a full-time job, family, other activities, etc. That’s not to say that this project doesn’t see any time/effort, it does, just more slowly at the moment.

Share your ideas, I’m very curious 🙇‍♂️

#vqaztjq (#ekceh3q)

And preserving the hash in a regular client is a hassle.

Why? Just write (#ekceh3q) – It’s pretty easy. Depending on the client you’re using maybe you could add the feature? We are probably going to drop the full URI and just stick to the hash itself in plain text.


(#g3th6hq) But also so I can decouple pods and twtd from having C-level dependencies and break out any “media handling / serving” to a separate thing that can scale indepently.


(#g3th6hq) Thanks for your PR btw! It has been merged! 👌

Regarding image/jpeg support. Originally I designed the image processing to only really support WebP and PNG, WebP if possible and a fallback to PNG. In hindsight maybe JPEG should be supported oto? It wouldn’t take a lot of extra processing to handle this.

In an ideal world, I’d refactor the code entirely into a separate service that accepts an image upload, returns a unique URI for the resource and does the processing in the background. So that the user experience is quicker and more fluid…