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(#jdk2qma) They tried to claim it was all over the news and their website!

I went and looked, the History of Sunshine Castle had a single paragraph towards the end:

In January 2021 the difficult decision to close several of the original Castle Buildings due to age and stage – saw the Sunshine Castle enter a new era of offering authentic photo opportunities of a Castle ruin in combination with a re-routed and re-priced Mini Tour and Treasure Hunt.


We tried to go see the Bli Bli Castle but unfortunately you can’t actually see much of it as they’ve closed it! 😳 We had no idea until after we had paid our money!😥

So useless and disappointing 🤦‍♂️


(#5kpl77q) LOL 🤣 I get upset when there’s a 5min outage! Where I’ve had about 15 such occurrences in. the past 48hours 😡

But I do run and host “things” 😁

#kc6szoq (#lpxr7oa) You and my old man would get along in that regard! He feels
the same way too, people don’t want to or are unable or unwilling to have deep and meaningful discussions anymore 😥. with a few exceptions of course 😁


(#q5wdqsa) @darch I’m not really sure Facebook™ really did anything per se to solve this. I think it’s more of. “network effect” more than anything. Maybe groups helps a bit? But we can come up with interesting ways to do similar things…. 🤔