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@off_grid_living (#bwhfjiq)
I think this is a perception problem. Why don’t you see if you can introduce some remotes power display consoles throughout the house so occupants are confident that there is still ample power in the system?

#4eh4aca @mckinley (#2eing7q) Hah! I actaully had to go re-read up the definitions again (thankfully the ones on Wikipedia are okay). I realize there are differences of course, but if you squint hard enough they are “quite subtle” in places. I think that’s why there’s also thing “thing” called FOOS 🤣


(#2eing7q) @lazarus Call me ignorant, but honestly I’ve been contributing to open-source for some decades now. I really never knew about #rms – didn’t really appreciate what or what he did not do. I personally think open source is more than what #rms himself, it’s about freedom, freedom to express one’s self, freedom to give back, freedom to collaborate, freedom to control one’s own “things” and so on. I’ve always valued this about open-source with or without Richard Stallman.


(#2eing7q) @eldersnake Also I agree! I’m so sick to death of this “witch-hunt”, “cancel everything” culture we’ve come to developer over the years. We’ve become far too sensitive in society (yes I get it, RMS may have said some not so tasteful things, but maybe he’s just not very good at reading the crowd?)