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@vain (#vjmprgq) The benefit is actually on remote feeds and their “server”(s). By using ETag and/or If-Modified-Since you reduce the potential for unwanted full fetches of remote feeds. (_something I’ve gotten in trouble with @EvilBob myself and promptly fixed). The other solution to this os to use Range requests (something I plan to add to twtd at some point)

(#t7a55bq) @jlj Appreciate your candidate questions. Let me do my best to answer…

Short-Medium term goals:

  • Fund development of a new Mobile App that is sustainable for the currently development team.
  • Continue development of intra-pod features, without breaking the Twtxt ecosystem.


  • A not-for-profit org that can continue to expand:
    • (or whatever) fully managed pod hosting.
    • A set of geographical pods (which require a combination of pair and volunteer staff to manage)
    • Ongoing development, maintenance.

Does this help answer your q’s?

📣 Hey Twtizens! 👋 We would love some feedback from you all on how we can monetize so we can fund ongoing development and maintenance of

So far we’ve got:

  • GitHub sponsors (1 so far! Thank you @jlj ! 🙇‍♂️)
  • Patreon sponsors

As you all know, I am very much against selling data for advertising — so I would appreciate not going down that rabbit hole!

All feedback is greatly welcomed and appreciated! 🤗

@xuu @thewismit @jlj The next time you upgrade your pod, it will terminate with an error if you have not properly configured a few things. It will tell you what you’re missing of course. Pay attention to this 😀 I’m also trying to make configuring SMTP_ optional, but for the time being this needs to be valid too (or at least filled out and different from the defaults). This is mostly important for sensitive/secret material, mostly *_SECRET, e.g: COOKIE_SECRET, API_SIGNING_KEY and MAGICLINK_SECRET.

📣 ATT: For those of you that use the Mobile App Goryon and are active users of my pod, you will need to Logout and log back in again. Why? Because a recent update meant that a change to the API Signing Key was required for the JWT tokens used by API clients. Thank you! 🙇‍♂️

(#aetxt7a) Of course I say this and nearly every f’n place you visit these days requires / expects you to scan a bloody QR code, fill in some stupid ass form to say you’ve been here. Oh and the best part? Most of these ridiculous forms are Google Forms 🤬 – You know what? “Fuck privacy!”. There’s no such thing anymore 😢

@off_grid_living (#mjmb4fa) My opinion is that there is no such thing as “zero maintenance”. Even if you fully automate as much as you can (like I do with my home IT infrastructure and server room full of gear), you still have to occasionally replace a dead server, dead disks, do daily/weekly/monthly backups, etc. A power room is no different I suppose? 🤔 I thinik the trick is to get the maintenance cost and effort as low as possible, or as ‘straight forward” as possible. Complexity is the killer of all invention!

(#qzhrlba) @thewismit

I don’t quite follow. What are the steps to redirect? I’m going to be changing my domain soon :)

Basically its just a convention, a “letting us know” type thing. I wouldn’t worry about it too much, as pods trigger an internal @twtxt FOLLOW event anyway, so the moment you change your pod’s domain and base url we’ll know about it as it’ll come from a different URI and re-trigger the FOLLOW event.

(#stywqhq) @thewismit

I am not a smart man.

Don’t say that, this is entirely not true! 🤗 my old man (@off_grid_living) has come up against things like this before too, and I’ve had to explain it. He (for example) wants to be able to follow a Twt he posts that may turn into a Conversation, but without necessarily having to follow anyone that replies. This is on our backlog of things to do and think about how to resolve, but yeah there are no magical algorithms at play here (besides just sorting) so if you follow no-one, your timeline will be quiet 🤣

(#stywqhq) Yes if you change the domain or base url of your pod, that will affect clients for sure. In the future between pods we could make this a no-brainer, where pods could detect the move/rename of a pod from one location/domain to another. But that’s probably not something we can do right now, we have quite a lot of other things to think about 😀

(#w5spn2q) It just keeps getting longer and longer! 🤣 The problem is I’m so passionate about giving people self-host(able) tools and services that are at least on par with the same level of convenience as they were/are used to (or better). Right now that’s “social”(ism) or “micro blogging” or whatever you want to call it 😂

(#w5spn2q) Yeah, that’s not that big of a deal for local users on your pod. External client detection will work fine though. I want to refactor all this eventing code anyway… soon…

(#w5spn2q) > Assuming that’s correct, I then need to decide how long I’ll continue to host my old feed. @prologic, any suggestions? What’s the best practice to avoid cluttering or messing up we-are-twtxt.txt?

I would just leave it there with a final twt telling users where you nor actively publish twts 😀 I did the same here

@hxii Did you write this twtxt client picoblog/0.1.1? I’d love to talk to you about it if you did as its doing some strange things 😀 e.g: #xxxx> .... What’s up there? Feel free to reach out to me on FreeNode on #jointwt if you can 🤗

(#bf3fvla) I’d probabpy recommend Ubuntu Desktop. Although I’ve been out of touch with Linux on Desktop for some years now, mostly because there is no good solution to full screen zoom and accessibility like Apple’s macOS has builtin.