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 (11 minutes ago)

Something wrong - not enough absorb and float across all MPTT, so I decided to make all three MPTT the same settings, these are
Absorb 33.0 V
Float 29.5 V


Got all three strings set to user defined voltages:
One is set to 32.7 V to force it read same settings as the second at 33.0 V , the new MPPT set at 33.0V also moves to float earlier than the other two. This is desirable. On bulk I should get 90amps, and on absorb all three should fold back and only two finish off, while one sits on float earlier, than other two.


Cabbages look OK, just a bit pale. Perhaps not enough nutrients, but the cuttings are still OK. The system is in the 5th week. The inverter still fanned up for a few hours, despite the ambient temperature being 15 degrees. Not very efficient in converting power obviously. Temperature here at moment is 6 degrees. It’s 6 am.


@lyse @movq @prologic (#g3th6hq) Interesting comments Lyse. The image you speak of is 37.9KB, and I use James camera which makes a 6MB file. I than get the image in Windows 8 Photos viewer, and press Screen Shot, Paste the file into MSPaint, a primitive Paint program. I than use capture size to get the image again, and paint it again into Paint, unchanged. It is saved as a JPEG file, reducing the image from 6MB to 37.9 KB. The file is than used for Internet publishing on my website, . It would be nice if software made image files smaller automaticly


From James” ahh very nice! so you’ll be able to run heavy loads during the day?
Yes Son, in battery float at say 10 amps per hour, I could switch on another bore pump at say the windmiill and run it for 6 hours irrigating the lawn at say 240Volt 5 amps, this would be 1200Watt, or 50amps, no problems.