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Solution? You can’t get people who visit to expect what off grid living means. Maybe install 7litres per minute shower pump, rather than my big 240 one?? The 24V DC pump consumes 1 amp of power per hour, nothing, compared to 240 V version consumes 20 amps. But you also waste less water in the shower.


I mean if you took Lead Acid down to 30% fully charged and expected it to recover fully , forget it.
But the Nickel-Iron just did not care. I went to 18.5 volts, and but to 30volts in just 5 hours, no worries.
It’s great having a system that will never die, but it did run out of power….


And yet my morning, filling tank for 4 hours, 26 amps coming in, 26 amps going out, so by 2pm, on just 5 hours, the system went absorb, reducing from 60 amps (bulk charging) to 20 amps (absorb charging).
So within 5 hours the system was normal again. Yet you would never get that with Lead-Acid.


Had too many families for night over, using shower , hence water pump. I forgot about off grid.
So 10 hours pumping is 200amps, and twice filling tank is 220 amps, plus opening fridge many times is about 40 amps, a total of 460 amps. The batteries voltage was 18.5, nearly dead flat. All inverters switched themselves off. Lucky we are still also on mains powers as well.


The only thing I can think of using 500 amp hr of power is 4 hours pumping water = 100 amps and 2 times filling water tank with bore pump = 220 amps. Plus other minor house uses = total 450 amps.


Take 26 April for example both panels captured 11,000 watts, /24 is over 500 amp/hrs, so the house was using all the batteries plus much more, than the sunshine could keep up with.


We used water for 2 hours, triggering bore pump, so added another 120 amps to the load of 150 amps night before, so at 3 pm both MPTT were still on adsorption, not quite getting to float, ran out of sunshine.

Solution? cut down on water load times, or increase solar arrays from 60 amps to 90 amps, that way we have more coming into battery than going out.