In-reply-to » users keep mentioning me as, which is not correct. The www. is missing. Is there something we can do about that or should I extend my client so that it recognizes this as “me”, too? 😅 Same with me, I often get mentioned as either (filename missing entirely) or even (HTTP rather than HTTPS as an added bonus on top).

Also for some reason user agents “yarns/master@19127bf ( Support:” and “master@19127bf (+” are requesting /user/lyse/twtxt.txt on my server every hour. This path of course results in a 404. I reckon way in the past someone mentioned me wrongly and the search engine now has my broken URL in its database forever.

I have zero knowledge of this mention completion system in yarnd. I should probably take a look at it. For the search engine some manually maintained normalization rules (or alias rules or whatever you want to call it) are required to fix this. In the simplest case a blacklist would suffice. But some rewriting would have the benefit to be more user-friendly with future features, such as mention search etc.

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