In-reply-to » Yesterday, we had a heavy thunderstorm in the evening. At first it wasn't too bad, just thunder in the distance and then a few drops of rain for at most five minutes. That was it. Alright, I thought, it's over, let me call a mate and walk to the dairy farm. The heavy clouds looked awesome, a bit threatening but mostly harmless and just beautiful. We decided on a small detour to the home made ice cream vending machine and got ourselves some expensive, but very yummy pineapple/mint, yoghurt and raspberry/basil tubs. Mint was super strong, had to eat three spoons of some other flavors to actually taste it. A few spoons in and then the thunder rolled in from nowhere. So we quickly headed for the dairy farm while eating our ice creams. Half way there the sky floodgates opened and we took cover under a tree at the local playground. A minute later we decided to climb up the slide tower, because it had a proper roof. A tiny bit of hail cam down, but nothing serious. Thanks mates! Yeah, lens flares rock. But especially for 24 I had several attempts to take one without any flares to more closely match the beautiful reality. I failed miserably. Still super cool shot, though.

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