I am so excited 🤩 I’ve been woken up early this morning by my lovely wife, to let me know there’s a truck outside out house near the cabling pits doing something. Turns out, NBN have been laying the big fibre cables around our area and finally cleaning out the pits for fibre installation! 🥳 Its only a matter of time! 🤞

Finally, my 3 years of complaining and pushing NBN have paid off 😅 #NBN #Fibre

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In-reply-to » Can't wait until this site joins the trend and becomes "y.com" - the everything protocol.

Just what the world of humans ordered! 🤦‍♂️ A single app owned and controlled by a single corporation that controls every aspect of your life! 😱 – Do we believe Elon Musk is hell bent on becoming the world’s most ruthless dictator yet?’ 🤔

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The discovery of the year is sxmo, he’s damn good! It’s hard to believe that a smartphone can do that. It seems crazy at first glance, but it’s convenient.

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The Unison™ Cloud Platform | Write code. Hit run. The cloud computes.

Unison is such a nice language and runtime in my opinion (if you’re into statically-typed functional languages, anyway). The codebase manager

with content-addressable code is a cool innovation. This seems like one of those languages that, once mature, would be very hard to give up once you got used to using it. I should give a disclaimer that I met and worked a bit with one of the creators of Unison in graduate school many years ago.

The Unison Cloud platform, which lets you run code on a managed cloud with nearly zero configuration and very little fanfare in the code itself, is in public beta. The link above has the details and a video about it. Worth a look if you’re into that sort of thing.

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Sidequestion: currently I am running a TiddlyWiki for myself with private and public tagged posts. The intention was, to make non-private tiddlers (posts) public at one point in the future. Now I have found https://github.com/usememos/memos whis looks really nice. If I find out how to skin it a bit to have wider text, I shortly thought about switching over. No InterWiki Links so, but that is doable by linking manually.

What do you guys think of this?

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@prologic@twtxt.net Here it is https://git.envs.net/cblte/docker-stuff/src/branch/main/syncthing.md have a look. This is how I have created the two syncthing containers.

Instead of mapping multiple volumnes, I have just mapped two locations where the actuall user (set by PUID and PGID) have read and write permission. This way they can write data and you can also access the data on the NAS itself, but limited to the individual user or admin, of course. Please let me know if you need any clarification.

One warning: when you disable global discovery, you have to set the IP of the devices manually on both sites. I was only able to get a connection doing it this way because of the non-standard ports.

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Open Letter to Apple™ 💌

Dear Apple 🍏

Whenever I purchase a new Apple™ device, whether it be an iPad, iPhone or MacBook or Mac. I always go out of my way to turn off 99% of all iCloud™ services. The only ones I leave on at all are “Find My”.

For the love of god and all that is good. Please respect my decisions and privacy and stop turning things back on whenever I upgrade or purchase new devices. Its getting really fucking annoying, as-if, you (the company) have no regard for user decisions.

Thank you kindly! 🙏

James Mills / prologic

PS: I’m stuck with Apple™ due to my vision impairment and Apple™ still being the best for accessibility, but please stop trying to force users into using iCloud™ services!

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How I build web frontends in Go - Philipp Tanlak – Hmmm 🤔 Thinking about how I’ve been strutting my Go Web Applications, the Templates, the Backend handler(s) and so on… This guy’s approach is quite intriguing… – as it might help cleanup this massive “God object” of a Context that has grown over time in yarnd’s codebase… What do y’all think of this approach @lyse@lyse.isobeef.org / @xuu@txt.sour.is ? 🤔

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In-reply-to » @prologic that is serious matter . Can you provide more inputs ? Is it part of the doxing part ?

@tkanos user in question had posted information about someones employment in what appeared to be a threat to contact their boss. Maybe it was in jest.. but we felt it was a form of doxing that we do not wish to see within our community. Yarn.Social is first and foremost a town square of ideas and should be viewed as a safe place for all.

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