Yarn.social Online Meetup 25th May (See: #fcghsma for details)
In-reply-to » @prologic that is serious matter . Can you provide more inputs ? Is it part of the doxing part ?

@tkanos user in question had posted information about someones employment in what appeared to be a threat to contact their boss. Maybe it was in jest.. but we felt it was a form of doxing that we do not wish to see within our community. Yarn.Social is first and foremost a town square of ideas and should be viewed as a safe place for all.

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👋 Hey y’all Yarn.social and Twtxt users out there 🙇‍♂️ One of our sister projects we recently begun work on a few months ago this year (2022) is called Salty IM – Some of you may have heard of it, seen it, even played with it. If you haven’t do check it out! 🙏

I have written up an NL Net Funding Submission Proposal which you can find here (you will need to sign-in with either Github or your Gita login via git.mills.io).

I would appreciate any feedback, comments, criticisms as I would like to submit this before the Deadline of 1st Oct 2022. I an hopeful we can get a small funding amount to primarily build a great Mobile App experience for Salty Chat (the reference client) and place a number of (free) brokers around the globe for folks to use if they so wish 👌

Thank you! 🙏 #Salty.im #NLNet #Funding

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In-reply-to » What do I do about the growing number of spam accounts on my pod lately? 🤔 Seems like I'm getting one per day, and I keep shadow banning them because they only post total spam crap that risks littering up the Pod's Timeline (Discover) with useless junk 🤦‍♂️

@prologic You may already do all this stuff, but here’s my 2 cents.

One thing you can do is a use a site like https://myip.ms/browse/blacklist/Blacklist_IP_Blacklist_IP_Addresses_Live_Database_Real-time to download a list of blacllisted IP address in a format suitable for whichever firewall you’re using. Then you can hard ban those IPs.

Another thing you can use is install fail2ban and set up rules appropriate to yarnd. I’m not familiar enough to say what those should be, but blocking http POST floods is a good idea. You can also manually add IP addresses to fail2ban jails, or semi-automate that where you read the IPs you want to ban from a list that you update regularly.

Finally, you could use something like akismet to automatically detect spam posts and block ones that fail their test. I’m not sure if you’re able to self host if you’re dependent on a call to their servers. Maybe there’s something similar that you could host locally if nto.

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Q: if most ransomware attacks originate from Email phishing or SMS smishing scams, why then do we continue to use such insecure and unverifiable forms of communication?! 🤔

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