We had 11°C and a lot of wind today. I left the house at beautiful sunshine to go into the woods. I had to shelter from the rain under a coniferous tree right away for 10-15 minutes or so.

Many puddles had plenty of spawn in them. Some of the super tiny tadpoles already hatched. Unfortunately, none of them will probably make it, because all those puddles will all dry up in the next one or two months I reckon. Let’s hope for the best, though.


A bird landed in the trees about 30 meters away from me and it appeared to be a larger one, like a buzzard. Only at home at the screen I then saw that it was just a pidgeon. :-)

A bit later, there was a chaffinch happily singing and picking on the forest road. I could close in to about five meters before it flew half a meter further and continued. So I made a few steps, too. That game continued for over five minutes, before it then decided to relocate four meters higher onto a branch to let me pass by beneath. Pretty cool!

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