In-reply-to » Like last Thursday, I went on a hike after lunch and enjoyed the 0°C cool daylight. Gotta make use of the flextime, I can work when it's dark. :-) A bit of snow, indeed:

Blackbird in the snow

Don’t know if that’s uncommon or not. Haven’t attended so many funerals (yet).

The surprisingly powerful sun was out and made the -3°C really not too bad at all. In direct sunlight it felt much warmer than yesterday. There were even more trees piled up next to the forest road this time. The dude had cut down really a lot. His forwarder made super deep (easily 50-70 cm) mud holes everywhere. Looking quite creepy now.

The neighbor district had about 8 cm of snow, we only got 4 cm I’d say. Quite weird, because they’re actually a bit lower lower in altitude. It was great fun, though, walking through the snow.

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