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@eaplmx Go. For the following reasons:

  • Go has a simple and easy learning curve with the right balance of “languages” features
  • Go is a statically compiled language with good performace
  • Go has a great standard library
  • Go has great tooling
  • Go’s packaging (whilst some argue against) is actually pretty good
  • Go has first-class concurrency
  • Go’s concurrency model (CSP) lets you model concurrent programs linearly making concurrent programs easier to read
  • Go has a focus on readability
  • Go compiles insanely fast (if you avoid using CGO)
  • Go doesn’t support silly things like classes which is fucking great!
  • Go supports actual good reuse with interfaces and interface types
  • Go supports functional programming (yes it does!)
  • Go is awesome!

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In-reply-to » If I can get a proper static copy of MDN, I'll make a torrent and share a magnet link here. I know I'm not the only one who wants something like this. I don't think the file sizes will be so bad. My current "build" of the entire site is sitting at 1.36 GiB. (Only a little more than double the size of node_modules!) So, with browser compatibility data and such, I think it'll still be less than 2GiB.

2 in the morning is a great time to compare compression algorithms.

Ratio   File size   Filename            Command                     Algorithm
      1  1458553185 build/
  0.451   658022612 ../node-modules/
  0.322   469704387 build.tar.Z         compress -k build.tar       Lempel–Ziv–Welch (LZW) (oh, how far we've come)
  0.185   269780511 build.tar.gz        gzip -k9 build.tar          Deflate
  0.082   119839762 build.tar.bz2       bzip2 -zk9 build.tar        Burrows–Wheeler transform
  0.047    68258612 build.tar.br        brotli -kZ build.tar        Brotli
  0.047    67989604 build.tar.zst       zstd --ultra -22 build.tar  Zstandard
  0.046    67705992 build.tar.xz        xz -zk9e build.tar          Lempel–Ziv–Markov (LZMA)

0.046 is really mind-blowing. I don’t need a torrent, we’re approaching e-mail attachment file sizes here.

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In-reply-to » Recent computer science education research strongly suggests that "computational thinking"--a way of logical/analytical thinking--is distinct from learning to code. Based in part on that research, my wife and I designed and taught a course for several years and wrote a number of articles about it. The latest was titled "Programming Without Code". While I'm not a "no code" evangelist, I strongly believe that pushing the "learn to code" message is pedagogically unsound and intellectually dangerous, and I wish it would stop.

One observation we note from prior research is that gaining fluency in a programming language takes roughly the same amount of time–730 hours, depending on lots of factors–as gaining fluency in a natural language. Most people don’t have 730 hours of free time to spend learning another language, and if they did have that free time there are lots of other things they’d probably need to do with it. Nevertheless, as we demonstrated over and over in our course, students with very limited prior background in STEM can learn a “no code” system for data analysis in a few weeks of class, lab, and homework time–at least an order of magnitude faster. When I say “learn”, I mean by the end of those few weeks they are capable of producing non-trivial data analysis programs on their own.

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