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Tell HN: Triplebyte is, yet again, making user profiles public without consent Triplebyte (YC S15) is a tech recruiting company that operates by getting developers to take skill tests, and then using the results to match them with employers. Back in 2020, they got in a lot of hot water by suddenly announcing that user profiles – which had been collected with assurances that the data wouldn’t be shared without consent – would be made public, unless you opted out within a week[1]. This provoked a lot of backlash, especial … ⌘ Read more

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Tell HN: Banned from LinkedIn for Reporting Wickr Drug Spam It made the news recently that Wickr (Amazon owned E2EE chat app) is full of illegal imagery.

I read about this on my LinkedIn feed then decided to search for “Wickr” there to see who else was talking about this. The search returned dozens of spam messages offering drugs in Asia and the US with information to contact on Wickr for price.

I reported these drug spam posts to LinkedIn - which is supposedly an anonymous report.

Next day I got a flood of reports on … ⌘ Read more

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