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New iPad Air and iPad Pro Feature Battery Health Menu Including Cycle Count and 80% Charging Limit Option
Apple’s latest iPad Air and iPad Pro models feature a new Battery Health menu in the Settings app that is not available on older iPads, and which includes options that were once limited to iPhone 15 models.

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OpenAI Announces ChatGPT App for Mac, GPT-4 for Free, and More
At its Spring Update event, OpenAI announced that it will be releasing a desktop app for the Mac, as seen in the screenshot below. The app will be rolling out to ChatGPT Plus subscribers starting today, ahead of a wider launch “in the coming weeks.”

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Apple Wrapping Up OpenAI Deal to Bring ChatGPT Features to iOS 18
Apple has closed in on a deal with OpenAI that should see ChatGPT being used to power new features in its next iPhone operating system, according to Bloomberg.

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Top Stories: Apple Event With New iPads, Apple Pencil Pro, and More
Apple’s “Let Loose” event this week went off largely as expected, headlined by new iPad Pro and iPad Air models.

The updated higher-end devices are complemented by some new accessories, while Apple also tidied up the lower-end of the lineup a bit, so read on below for all the details!

Everything Announced at the Apple Event

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Sonos Said Rolling Out Widely Criticized App Redesign Took ‘Courage’
Sonos this week released a major redesign for the Sonos app, introducing customizable home screen meant to deliver a personalized listening experience. The update was announced back in April, but just went live, and unfortunately, it removes a number of features while also introducing several bugs.

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Every Model of Apple’s M1 iPad Air Drops to Record Low Prices on Amazon
Today we’re tracking multiple record low prices across the M1 iPad Air on Amazon, with $150 off every configuration of these now-discontinued tablets. This comes just a few days after Apple announced the new M2 iPad Air, which start at $599.

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iPad Air vs. iPad Pro Buyer’s Guide: 30+ Differences Compared
The iPad Air is now available in two size options, just like the iPad Pro. Yet after a significant update to the ‌iPad Pro‌ that introduces a thinner design and OLED displays, how different are the two product lines and which should you buy?

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Matter 1.3 Specification Adds Energy Reporting, Electric Vehicle Charging, Water Management Support and More
The Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) today announced the debut of a new Matter 1.3 specification that’s available for device makers and platforms. Matter is a smart home protocol that allows smart devices to work across multiple platforms, including HomeKit.

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