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@prologic this is the default behavior of pass on my machine:

I add a new password entry named example and then type pass example. The password I chose, “test”, is displayed in cleartext. This is very bad default behavior. I don’t know about the other clis you both mentioned but I’ll check them out.

The browser plugin browserpass does the same kind of thing, though I have already removed it and I’m not going to reinstall it to make a movie. Next to each credential there’s an icon to copy the username to the clipboard, an icon to copy the password to the clipboard, and then an icon to view details, which shows you everything, including the password, in cleartext. The screencap in the Chrome store is out of date; it doesn’t show the offending link to show all details, which I know is there because I literally installed it today and played with it.

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In-reply-to » Human Waste Safe for Growing Vegetables, Researchers Say As farmers in Europe and across the world grapple with increases in the cost of fertilizers, researchers suggest a solution may be closer to home in what people flush down the toilet. From a report: A peer-reviewed paper by scientists in Europe published Monday in the journal Frontiers in Environmental Science found that fertilizer made from human feces and ur ... ⌘ Read more

@prologic I’ve noticed that when you reply to the Slashdot feed, the yarn is broken:

There’s no “yarn” link or any obvious way for me to see what you’re replying to.

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