Recent twts in reply to #yvd76ea

The new icons have issues on mobile. Both, the formatting bar, and those on the “hamburger”. Also the edit, delete, reply, etc.

Were the changes tested on throughly before they committed?


The icon layout was not changed. Nor was the size changed. The hamburger menu was also not modified.

Other than increasing the size of the icons I’m not quite sure how we could fit these with an acceptable use.

Perhaps have the main bold italics etc still show but have a drop down button for the other icons.

B I U (mention) (link) (photo)

Then in dropdown have:

(code) (upload options)

That way increasing the size of the tappable icons, even on desktop, will alleviate any mis-taps.


@ullarah is there a way to set thinner lines for the twt options icons (edit, reply, etc.), you know thinner lines like the ones at formatting bar.

I think that would make them more passable, and we wouldn’t need to resize them smaller.

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