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Another day, another load of bullshit from the tech industry. Posted this on LinkedIn:

Regarding the “AI Letter” calling for a pause to large-scale AI:

  1. The Future Of Life Institute, which put out this letter, is more aptly called “The Future Of Life At The Expense Of Present Life”. They are a dangerous longertermist organization, and by definition their espoused values are sociopathic. Do not take this letter at face value
  2. This industry is literally begging for outside regulation. All the harms, real or imagined, that AI can cause are being pushed on society by many of the signatories of this letter. They are telling us that they cannot control themselves, that they cannot help but push harmful technology on society. They are asking us to rein them in, and we should.

[1] Why longtermism is the world’s most dangerous secular credo
[2] The Dangerous Ideas of “Longtermism” and “Existential Risk”

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