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I an not jabbed, with the do called Covid vaccine. I am against GMO, and surely don’t want to be modified my self with an mRNA shut. These are not vaccines in the traditional sense. They even had to modify the vaccine dictionary meaning to call it vaccine. Whether you enforce a passport, or deny Healy care it is all against my rights. The so called vaccines don’t work, everybody can get sick and transmit regardless of status.


@fastidious I read that, in other, (relatively) comparable scenarios, paying people to participate is very effective.

I also read that, after recently changing the policy to require proof of vaccination for entry to all liquor and cannabis shops, Quebec saw a big spike in vaccine appointments. ^x^


@movq you are free to have your opinion, and nobody can force you to educate your self on the subject which is quite complicated, as you mentioned. I respect all that. But if anybody advocates for a totalitarian solution, not respecting my informed choice then that is a violation of my rights, do you agree with that statement? Because if not than we have a real problem.


@fastidious I have somewhat of a problem with it BECAUSE it is a paper or a stupid and broken phone app - both of those things are unreliable. A paper gets wet and turns into mush and an app stops working when you need it the most or once you run out of the battery.

We live in the 21th century, so don’t tell me we don’t have the technology to link the certificate to the ID card, or another thing we already carry and give the people checking them some device that can check that.


@thecanine I will take a vaccine, real vaccine with “life” virus. After it has been tested the way vaccines needed to be tested and approved by the FTC. Non such vaccine exists, and furthermore no one is working on one. Because they have a different agenda. You are trusting the same governments, and experts who said Saddam has weapons of mass …, then after millions of deaths, they said sorry, and then we found out they lied to us. Own your eyes!


The article says The Nuremberg Code requires that human participants in experiments give informed consent and was adopted as part of the 1949 Geneva Conventions .
The vaccines have not been tested properly, and approved, so they are not proven safe. What do you call that?


@movq appreciate you taking the time to respond to me. Let’s leave the mask aside they are not really the issue here.
Early on the argument was children, which are essentially at no risk of dying of Covid are killing their grandparents. What you are saying is very similar but since we know. These shuts do not prevent you from contracting the virus,, you will be transmitting the virus wether you got the shot or not. So what exactly is your profound point? That’s right you will according to WHO, and the CDC have a milder experience, and are less likely to die.



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