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Still two unresolved issues with WeeChat:

  1. How can I mark the current buffer as read? There is /input set_unread to mark it as unread (although I can’t tell that it does actually anything in the TUI) but there’s no set_read command that would put my read marker below the last message. Sure I can switch buffers and then the read marker is at the bottom, but this sounds like a silly workaround. There must be something better.
  2. I want the beep trigger to also fire when a regular message is sent. But the adjusted condition ${tg_displayed} && ${tg_tags} !!- ,notify_none, with the && (${tg_highlight} || ${tg_msg_pv}) removed then also includes joins and parts, which I don’t want to be alerted by. Now fiddling around with ${tg_message_nocolor} !~ ^(-->|<--), let’s see.

How do you folks do that?

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@lyse@lyse.isobeef.org Maybe I misunderstood you last time. 🤔

Here’s how I do it:

First, I have read_marker_always_show = on. If you can’t tell what /input set_unread does, you probably have this option set to off.

The marker tells me: “I have read all messages up to this point.” Looks like this:

Doing /input set_unread now moves this marker to the bottom:

Hence new messages will be shown below again:

When I’m in the middle of a conversation, I ignore this marker altogether. Only when I leave the room for a minute or something, then I’ll probably do /input set_unread (^S^U) to move it. It’s a very manual process (maybe you can move the marker automatically after a certain idle time or something), but it works fine for me.

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@movq@www.uninformativ.de It works, thanks! I reckon Ctrl+S Ctrl+U didn’t do anything last time because it was already at the end and the command is named completely wrong in my opinion. It’s doing exactly the opposite than what I expect from this name. set_unread actually marks it read but the name suggests the exact opposite, in particular to mark the buffer unread. So I thought the line is then moved up to some previous location or even removed completely. It’s doing exactly what I want, still confused by the name. Thanks again! <3

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