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In-reply-to » Circles do not exist However almost every “circle” you can see in printed media (and most purely digital ones) are not, in fact, circles. Why is this? Since roughly the mid 80s all “high quality” print jobs have been done either in PostScript or, nowadays almost exclusively, in PDF. They use the same basic drawing model, which does not have a primitive for circles (or circle arcs). The only primitives they have are straight line segments, rectangles and Bézier curves. None of these can be used to express a cir ... ⌘ Read more Hah did not know this 😆 But am also not surprised 🤣

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In-reply-to » CNCF Microsurvey: Training helps developer careers and pay, but lack of time and cost hinder efforts Technology continues to change rapidly, and companies need workers competent in the latest skills to lead their industries and avoid falling behind. But something needs to change, underscores a recent CNCF microsurvey of about 135 contributors from around... ⌘ Read more How about less complexity?! 🤣

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In-reply-to » How Google Authenticator made one company’s network breach much, much worse | Ars Technica Can you recommend one?

Of course, never ever use Google Authenticator. All it does is generate TOTP and HOTP codes, which you can do with any OTP app, preferably an open source one that’s been vetted.

I’ve been using Google Authenticator for years, but it never had this “sync” feature until recently 🤦‍♂️

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