In-reply-to » @prologic Re: Chat system, What if the base specification included a system for per-user arbitrary JSON storage on the server? Kind of like XEP-0049, but expanded upon. Two kinds of objects: public and private. Public objects can be queried by anyone, private objects cannot and must be encrypted with the user's private key. Public keys could be stored there, as well as anything else defined by extensions. Roster, user block list, avatar, etc.

Actually it’s good : RFC for Encrypted Feeds

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In-reply-to » Can anyone recommend a safe, private and secure way for my children to have a way to message each other? Some kind of Chat / IM... Their primary devices are iPad(s) so it has to run on iPad OS or it must be an installable PWA (cc @markwylde @justamoment in case you know of any PWA App here) I’m reading Create an Apple ID for your child - Apple Support and I have some questions for you… (I’ve not used this yet):

  • Can I control who my children can and cannot contact/message/etc?

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So… Here’s a thought…

If [Matrix] is built on a decentralised/distributed event syncing and a basic model of “Room”


IRC is a centralised text based protocols with client to server and server to server networking and a basic model of “Channels” and “Users”

Then: can build a “Chat” system based on the already existing and established decentralised/distributed syncing of feeds with a model of well umm feeds

🤔 🤣

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