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There is not many designers I follow and even less, who I follow ironically. One of them is Peter Arnell, the guy I “admire”, for being able to create stupid shit, write even stupider explanations and sell it to companies, for tens, if not hundreds of millions of dollars.

In 2008, his group designed the very logo, that Pepsi used until now and justified its greatness, by 27 pages of the dumbest shit ever put on paper, that I sometimes quote to this day. Sadly all great things, must come to an end.After 15 years of small changes, Pepsi decided, to get rid of the logo completely, along with making their garbage drink, even more unhealthy and pushing the allegedly cancer causing sugar-free version.

I will never have a proper Arnell logo for myself, along with the book of nonsense, that you get with one - especially not after writing this and considering, I probably won’t make that much money, during my entire life. Still in the spirit of great graphical genius Peter Arnell, I humbly submit one sketch of my current logo, with added nonsense, that completely fails to rival his.

If you have any logos, or want to try doing this, with anything I ever drew, please do it now and send me the results - might the spirit of the Arnell design process, never die!

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Omg! I’m always playing on those pixel placing canvases, where it’s usually an endless war of factions or just things being attacked for no reason, but now someone did the most wholesome thing imaginable and drew another inugami facing mine and drew them shaking paws.

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In-reply-to » How is everyone finding GitHub CoPilot? 🤔 Good / Bad ? 🤔

It’s not going to stay free for too long. GitHub is going to start charging 10$/month per user for personal licenses and double that price, for every corporate employee - source

They also already announced Copilot 365, priced at an even more ridiculous 30$/month/user, for the corpo customers, that 365 package applies to - source

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In-reply-to » How is everyone finding GitHub CoPilot? 🤔 Good / Bad ? 🤔 I’m never too serious about code theft, because as developers, we all do a little copying and pasting from SO, or smashing the keyboard, until the code works somehow. Despite that, it’s still bullshit, that this was targeting all the open-source developers, who did not consent and probably also violating all kinds of open-source licenses in the process, yet at the end, it’s the proprietary developers and companies, who profit the most from it, despite contributing nothing, or the bare minimum.

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It takes work
Now you get to be the one, sitting in the dark, drinking beer, blasting loud indie music through headphones, writing the edgy READ ME.txt files, you’ve seen included with things, you downloaded as a kid.

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