Software engineer at Amazon working on data privacy in Alexa, ex-consultant at Curator of the weekly open source newsletter Console:

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@adi @prologic (#ipzjchq) There are ~2,800 subscribers (it seems to go up by around 20-30 per day since I started) and around ~20K views per month on the posts, but that also seems to be going up every month as well.

@prologic (#akqtela) thank you! Yes neutral is important!

Fun fact, the newsletter started as a typical Ben Thompson style thing, then I thought “no one cares what you have to say, just focus on providing something you’d be interested in”, and Console was born! so I specifically try to pack as much value as I can into the emails and keep my opinions out of it.

(#akqtela) @prologic Thanks!

Yeah, I thought that viewpoint was a bit extreme, but I’d never used Vagrant before. I try not to push back too heavily on people during the interviews because I don’t want the newsletter to get a reputation for being divisive, for fear of people avoiding being interviewed. Usually I would have asked some questions such that Marc would have qualified his statement a bit, but again, since I wasn’t familiar with Vagrant I had to let it be.

You should have brought this up in the Discord server! This is exactly the case I created it for.