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In-reply-to » Was only a matter of time before the next Twitter breach.

The part that surprises me is their advice to people running accounts that are supposed to not show their identity is pretty baffling. “Don’t use a publicly known email or phone number” seems like a but of a “victim blame” for Twitter accepting risk that has now exposed the information of millions of accounts.

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In-reply-to » Is this overkill for spreadsheets and word documents? 🤔

All of your replies are amazing 🤣

@retrocrash Thanks! The keyboard is 60% (no directional buttons unless I use the Fn key)

The pay for the new gig isn’t anything amazing, I assure you 🤣 been wanting this monitor, or similar, for a good while now though. On another note, I’ve been told I’m one of the top 3 people in my position or in a senior consultant position, so that’s a huge plus!

@prologic Nobody needs this much real estate 😆 it just replaced my 3x 27” monitors, which was the goal. More desk space to work with and dump my snacks 😉

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Is this overkill for spreadsheets and word documents? 🤔

This arrived today! Samsung Odyssey G9 49” 240hz Curved Monitor 😊

The laptop is a 15” HP Dragonfly Elitebook

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With the uptick in ads being shown on platforms like Twitter, I’d like to petition a name change of these platforms from “social media” to “social marketing”. Seems to fit well, I think 🤔 😂

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In-reply-to » Blah I've caught someyhing 🥴🤢 and I hope it's not the nasty shit 🤞

@prologic Oof. Lots of nasty stuff going around (just got over some flu going around, not the real bad one luckily). Hope it’s nothing too serious for you!

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