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Just need to make sure I use single quotes when “posting” from the command line and including back tick to indicate a code expression. Sometimes shell can have unexpected results.

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The following has become one of my favorite CLI commands > (2 hours ago) [ntyujra]
Lastpass Says Hackers Accessed Customer Data In New Breach AmiMoJo writes: LastPass says unknown attackers breached its cloud storage using information stolen during a previous security incident from August 2022. The company added that, once in, the threat actors also managed to access customer data stored in the compromised storage service. “We recently detected unusual activity within a third-party cloud storage serv … ⌘ Read more ( (2 hours ago) [fvpjrsq]
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(#566rcia) ( 😂

Ich würde auf eine 8 tippen. Im Aktenzeichen (was ich ja geschwärzt hatte) ist eine 3 mit drin und die sieht deutlich anders aus. An anderer Stelle steht noch eine 2, die ist auch nochmal anders. All das kann das Detektivbüro Lyse natürlich nicht wissen. 😅 (2 hours ago) [vem5vsa] ⌘ Read more ( (2 hours ago) [lq5vzzq]
(#qute5aq) ( I didn’t. Pretty bold to ask for donations then. 😳 (2 hours ago) [yifj3va]
Irish Companies Report Success With Trial of Four-Day Working Week AmiMoJo writes: A research project that saw a four-day working week being trialled across 12 businesses has been deemed a success by both the companies and employees involved. The project, backed by the trade union Forsa and carried out in partnership by Four-Day Week Ireland, UCD and Boston College, examined the financial, social, and enviro … ⌘ Read more ( (2 hours ago) [zpkm2ta]
‘The Greatest’ — Short Film From Apple Celebrating Accessibility Features ⌘ Read more ( (2 hours ago) [7usrroq]
Advent of Code 2022 started today.

Anybody else doing it this year? Although, I shouldn’t ask that question. I really want to do it in Rust this year, and avoid all kinds of competition. 😅 (Competition would drive me to not using Rust, because I’m still not very productive with this language.) (2 hours ago) [fycfv4q]
Hive (YC S14) is hiring engineers #3, 4 and 5 (100% Remote in Canada) Comments ( ⌘ Read more ( (1 hour ago) [xbzvgpa]
(#7usrroq) ( I tried last year, but it’s complicated for me to program every day on vacations. I’d like more like a weekly challenge or something more relaxed. That said I learned a lot… So I’ll try this year at least to look at the answers. (1 hour ago) [6i4a6na]
A school bus got stuck blocking the only entrance to our neighborhood this morning and now my wife can’t drive my oldest to school either. (1 hour ago) [2owkeva]
Camera placed on tripod to record the titmice and produced only almost empty videos ( As soon as the battery was empty, they all came out again. Obviously!

[ image ]

Trying again tomorrow. (1 hour ago) [onxemya]
(#7usrroq) ( Yeah, AoC super stressful if you try to do “one challenge per day”. I tried that last year (and tried to beat colleagues on top of that). It’s fun, but exhausting. I won’t do that again. 😅 Take as much time as you need. ( Your PC burnt? 😨 Oh dear! Which course was that, though, do you remember? (1 hour ago) [aimkcrq]
New York City hiring top rat killer Comments ( ⌘ Read more ( (1 hour ago) [g67wt2a]

Wow, this puzzle game is extremely rewarding… How something ‘simple’ can be so satisfactory at the conclusion #gameDesign ( (1 hour ago) [xeoj77q]
(#coxfffa) ( Looking nice! :-) (1 hour ago) [iggzq5q]
Just 22% of Techies in UK Aged 50 or Older, Says Chartered Institute For IT A little more than one in five techies in Britain is aged 50 or older, and enticing more of that demographic to enter the world of information technology could help alleviate a perennial skills gap. From a report: This is according to research by the British Computer Society (BCS), which reckons just 22 percent (413,000) of th … ⌘ Read more ( (1 hour ago) [b3xwdeq]
Google admits to violating federal law and plans to keep doing it Comments ( ⌘ Read more ( (33 minutes ago) [7rsznna]
(#qute5aq) 🤦 (30 minutes ago) [dngfrxq]
(#v55m6bq) ( > the point on debating in social network, is not stopping people from spreading bad ideas. Is to make everybody else that look at the debate think, and not fall on those bad ideas, by hiding the bad ideas, and not debating them, we may push others people to believe in them, and we may push people that already believe in them to stay in an echo chamber

No. This is a naive point of view, and it does not jibe with current research. Really. I urge you to read up on disinformation research especially after Facebook was called out for the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Other people do not look at a debate, see the bad information exposed as bad by good arguments, and change their minds. It doesn’t work that way. Misinformation purposely targets people’s emotions, and when the emotional appeal works, they tend to view the people debating against the view as enemies. They reject the good ideas even more forcefully.

Sure, there are hypothetical people who will see a debate, recognize that bad information has been exposed, and react by rejecting that bad information. Probably most of the people here fall into that group. But people like that were never the problem. The problem is the vast number of people who will react by believing the bad information even more stubbornly. Read the research–this is a real, documented effect I am describing.

Also, the dangers of the “echo chamber” that you evoked are very much overblown, almost surely by purveyors of disinformation because that fear helps them do their work (I’ll note you raised this as a danger–an emotional appeal–instead of citing data). The echo chamber effect, to the extent it exists, is bad for people who are already suffering from information poisoning. People who’ve already bought into some piece of misinformation fall into or stay in an echo chamber. Once again, misinformation purveyors have very detailed strategies–Google, you can find them–for how to draw unsupecting people into an echo chamber and keep them there. (24 minutes ago) [gkxebia]
Mozilla Acquires Team Behind Pulse, an Automated Status Updater for Slack Firefox developer Mozilla is making a rare foray into the world of mergers and acquisitions, with news that it has snapped up recently-shuttered California-based productivity startup Pulse. From a report: Terms of the deal haven’t been disclosed, but the deal is tantamount to an “acqui-hire,” with Mozilla looking to deploy the Pu … ⌘ Read more ( (17 minutes ago) [ulcmqsq]
(#v55m6bq) ( ( I’m blanking on where I first read it–might be Jared Yates Sexton, or maybe Sarah Kendzior–but I’m of a mind that sentiments like “debate is the best way to resolve disputes” are kind of nostalgic and naive because they ignore the conditions we’re currently living in. Sure, if we lived in a healthy society with a healthy information space, widespread respect for differing points of view, a relative lack of suffering, etc etc etc, then yes, maybe that would be true. There were points in our history (I’m speaking of the US because that’s where I’m from) when we approximated those ideals, at least for some people, and many of us aspired to perfect them. But today, in 2022, we do not live in those conditions. There are many people who actively want to destroy any progress towards these ideals we’ve managed to make, and who actively, publicly advocate for going backwards from there. Debate is no longer the best way to resolve disputes, in these conditions, not with people who are trying to force the world backwards.

It is foolish to think otherwise. It is just as foolish as believing water puts out all fires and throwing water onto an oil fire. You have to recognize the reality you’re living in, then choose the right tool for the job. If you’re living in a time where political violence is normalized/is being normalized and demonization is rampant, and you’re facing a bad faith argument from a bad actor who is preaching something like antisemitism, you don’t reach for “debate” as your tool of choice. You reach for “deplatforming” (for example), because that demonstrably works. You take them, and their damaging ideas, off the public square completely and keep them out of it. (13 minutes ago) [rrkelka]
(#v55m6bq) ( > Indeed! It comes to mind the popular saying, “How do you deal with nazis? — You punch them in the face.”

One of my favorite animated GIFs depicts exactly that 😆

A little less violently, deplatforming works. That’s been demonstrated time and again. It’s one of the many reasons to be alarmed by what Elon Musk is doing at Twitter, un-banning hateful accounts that had been banned previously. He is re-platforming people who don’t merit a platform, and he himself is amplifying them.

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