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@thewismit Are you planning to write a blog about setting up your own pod (no we haven’t rebranded yet!!! 🤣)? 🤔 Wiyh your new micro blogging + full blogging platform?

(#ujjt3kq) Cool! 🤣 I just realized your pod is actually up and running! The mobile app currently doesn’t display domain names next to usernames like the web app does so I had no idea 😂 Congrats! 🎉

@xuu (#nicbdoq) Yes! I think if we scope out some more inter-pod (let’s call it “federation”) features we could probably improve the experience a lot here. The core bits are there, we just need to extend them. The biggest thing for me right now is refactoring the internal eventing around User-Agent detection and on-Pod Follow/Unfollow. If we can refactor that we’ll have a good base to work on and build more inter-pod features.