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Hey @darch you’ve used Goryon right? When reading your notes I didn’t see much mention of it, and some of the ideas there are much improved IMHO in the mobile app 😁


(#bakywta) thank you for putting this much thought and detail into helping us improve the user experience overall and getting this rebranding done! Thank you @darch ! 🙇‍♂️

As said we’ll have to work out a priority list and nice to have, etc…


@adi (#754vgwa) or put differently containers and virtual machines are entirely different things. A container built from an OCI image might behave the same as an OS using the same underlying root file system they do not operate the same at all


@adi (#754vgwa) depends what you mean by persistent? A container simply runs a single process under the hood it uses to LenixLinix cgroups and namespaces and runs a process. Think about it 😁


(#nbcs36q) Yeah that would be good! 👌 The nice thing is even if your client doesn’t directly support it, if you just write a post with your client as per normal and just include thee (#nbcs36q) at the front or where ever it’ll just work 🤞


Nice work all! 👌 Really happy to see such diversity growing around here, well here is weird since it’s all quite decentralised which I just love! 😍 Keep it up guys, let’s grow Twtxt/ 🤗


@adi (#wh2ckoq) Yes they do. For instance I can have Mobile Safari zoomed in 50% by default so everything is larger for me. Its an accessibility feature. I normally have fonts larger on my iPhone.


@lazarus (#qojxy3q) Nope you’re right! I’m pretty damn (legally) blind! I have a visual acuity of ~160 and basically can’t see the target! It’s all just muscle memory for me and lots of practice and “honing in” on the target.


(#ptxp5ca) Yeah that’s what I was thinking about… The “utility” of finger itself. I mean in a large multi-user pod it might be useful? Maybe 🤔 But then against that notion goes against everything I’ve come to learn, know and believe about “social media”. That is… It doesn’t scale beyond a certain “size”. So keep pods small 🤣

#4rg63na (#ptxp5ca) yeah with the finger service specifically. Several folks have brought up the idea of using a plan file and finger but of course this means that you actually have to have a finger diamond and local user accounts for this to be useful unless you’re thinking about building a custom finger server implementation entirely