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 (1 week ago)

(#aepd6nq) @oevl To build twt and twtxtd in FreeBSD:

  • Install go and make sure to add ~/go/bin to your PATH
  • Use gmake
  • Install minify (although I think I had not added go/bin to PATH)
  • Install pkgconf that gives you pkgconf and pkg-config
  • gmake deps && gmake
  • It will run the server, so just ctrl-c and start using the programs.

 (1 week ago)

@oevl (#aepd6nq) Logging in with twt -u https://twtxt.net login throws an error after writing the password:

ERRO[0019] error making login request error="invalid character 'E' looking for beginning of value"

 (1 week ago)

(#o42s2bq) @prologic (#o42s2bq) I am using it now, but the toolbar gets a scrollbar, and it was confusing at first use, I thought this app didn’t allowed for camera use. This is on an iPhone 6S+ with iOS 14.