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📣 NEW: Build 61 of Goryon (not renamed yet)

  • Make videos play inline (origin/inline_video_play, inline_video_play)
  • Fix bug when app tries to login to a pod with bad data from a saved user that no longer exists
  • Fix fetching twts for external profiles (Fixes #120)
  • Fix the Post button and move it to the AppBar actions
  • Fix italic button to output the correct markdown

Versions available:

Enjoy! 🤗 Please report all feedback to @prologic or reply to this Twt 👌

We’re looking for Flutter/Dart developers to help us get the app over the line and into the various “app” stores.
We’re also looking for help getting the app into the F-Droid and Aurora stores.
If you can help us, please reach out to us! 🤗


📣 Releases - yarn - yarnd 0.8.0

This week in Yarn we have a brandh new version of yarnd for you all with exciting new features! 🥳 Some of you have already been using them! 🤗


  • NEW MagicLinkAuth – Login with your email address!
  • NEW StripTwtSubjectHashes – Twt Subject Hashes are transparently stripped
  • NEW: ShowTwtContext – Now that Twt Subject Hashes are gone, all hail Twt Context! 😆
    ** FIXED: Fixed a few critical bugs that would cause yarnd to crash and leak resources 🐞 Sorry @jlj and @eldersnake 🤗

Seriously though, these are massive UX improvements to the Web Interface. 👌 (hopefully these will also come to hte Mboie App too!)

Big thanks to @darch and @fastidious for all the PRs this week 😍

As per usual, please provide feedback to @prologic or reply to this Twt