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In-reply-to » I won't be hosting the weekly call today. I'm unfortunately out at lunch with some friends. However you are all welcome to host one yourselves 😅 Nobody’s shown up, unfortunately. I’m going to call it. See you gentlemen next week.

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Good call tonight, touched on some interesting topics.

  • Use cases for encrypted feeds (#770)
  • Trying to reproduce “Bad Request” when replying to a twt (#ej6bbpq)
  • Categorization of feeds (Lists) (#937)
  • Media uploads using yarnc
  • Handling NSFW content (#944)

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In-reply-to » And here is the spam email that I recieved that I was going on about 😂

Don’t attempt searching for me - it is completely useless. Cryptocurrency transactions always remain anonymous.

Yeah, I guarantee you that this guy isn’t taking the proper precautions to deal in Bitcoin anonymously. Especially knowing he’s been using the same wallet for at least a week. Luckily, there haven’t been any takers so far.

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In-reply-to » @prologic Whoogle :) That’s covered in the fine print. You could route it through a remote server, but even if you don’t you still get the other benefits like no AMP links and DDG-style !bangs.

- No tracking/linking of your personal IP address***

***If deployed to a remote server, or configured to send requests through a VPN, Tor, proxy, etc.

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Great chat today on the weekly video call. We stayed mostly on topic, too!

Some things we talked about, for anyone who missed it. I hope nobody minds that I’m sharing.

  • Spoiler/NSFW tags in Markdown
  • Ideas for a potential browser extension 951
  • A strange bug in the web client regarding open ended HTML tags 952
  • What encrypted feeds might look like
  • Privacy respecting multi-factor authentication

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