Web developer. No special talents. Just passionately curious. 🇵🇱 👨‍💻

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 (1 week ago)

(#7gcpfaa) @prologic thanks! The website by itself is an expensive long-term investment and I have very modest expectations about it. In fact, if it attracts one cool opportunity within next 3-4 years I’ll call it profitable.

 (1 week ago)

For the first time since mid-2010s I redesigned my business homepage.

I hate the way it looks and the language it uses but I made it in egoless fashion to fulfill a very specific purpose and cater to a very niche group of people.

The silver lining is that it contains an Easter egg. You need a certain popular cheat code and you should know it by heart if you were playing games in 80s and / or 90s. Find it.