In-reply-to > How does this user-agent thing work and how do I look for it in my webservers log to see who reads my feed?

@darch Værsgo! @fastidious Nothing automated at all, I just execute it very irregularily like once a week or fortnight or maybe even month: tail -n 5000 ~/www/logs/twtxt.log | useragent -grt 5s | grep -v I manually check whether I see new people, which is getting a bit out of hand, I have to admit. Especially with the last addition of automatically resolving the Who Follow Resources the list gets longer. So I definitely want to add some more features like sorting the output and maybe also providing some interface to the configured follower list to aid in detecting new people. Not sure on the latter one, though. It’s probably better to make this a different piece of software. Needs more thinking. @prologic I haven’t made any progress on this thought, I have to admit. But one day, there will be some idea, by someone. :-)