Writer, artist, game developer. Looking for meaningful work, with a lamp, in broad daylight.

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 (16 hours ago)

Updated #Debian this morning. After a restart, the system is unusually quiet; average load has fallen to lower levels than I remember it reaching. So it is possible.

 (1 day ago)

@ar (#onlssnq) Pods like this one are just another way to host twtxt feeds and follow other people from anywhere, just like you can do with any client.

 (3 days ago)

With a Bluetooth adapter plugged in, my Debian desktop detects two Samsung TVs belonging to my neighbors, but not the Android device in my hand.

 (1 week ago)

@prologic (#a3nbyxq) It’s not the first time a new computer architecture leaves everyone else in the dust. And every time people take advantage of it… by promptly making all software so bloated that the new architecture is soon slower than those computers it was supposed to replace. Once again, we have a chance to do it right this time. And we’ll probably blow it like we always do.