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(#isobgnq) @darch I don’t think it is explained there yet. Send a PR? People get used to things quickly (everyone knows what a tweet is these days, right?), and we are a rather small bunch… for now, which makes it easier to adopt and adapt.


(#6gszxta) @prologic I think the count is a good addition.

Perhaps making the bubble a more subtle colour would work. Seeing how big a conversation is at first glance is nice, and might even encourage participation.


(#3hrowha) @prologic cool! The idea is to put tidbits, and any other nuggets of information in the wiki. Building a wiki is often slow, but I will come eventually.

I think Yarn would gain more traction if it were on GitHub—I know, I know, you moved from there, resulting on many 404s on search engines results—but I digress. Too early on my Friday off. 😂


@prologic I think implementing replies like Jenny does on Yarn would be a good enhancement. That is, only include the nick of the twt being replied, and not daisy chain them.


(#b7einla) Hit buy and read the notes. Pis are more mature, and proven, and there is an entire ecosystem around them, for just about anything you might think of.

That said, the Pine64 specifications are pretty sweet.


(#nty2koq) @stigatle this is a hobby that could get really expensive! I have a nephew that bought an old big plane pilot’s chair, with pedals and all, and built a cabin with side to side curved monitors. The dude spent around $12,000 on it!