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If anyone has any ideas of good lightweight website ‘date-picker’ options I’m all ears. Most are just overly JS bloated and such, but at the same time native browser options aren’t great either. So much for standards!


(#n6itdza) @adi I don’t think I ever used the word ‘force’. I like the idea of omitting the Like features etc because it, we’ll say, encourages proper conversation and back and forwards communication.


@prologic (#n6itdza) Especially important because instead of how we see on the likes of FB where people just passively aggressively ‘react’ to comments/posts with the Laugh emoticon, people have to actually reply with a reasoned argument. In theory anyway.


(#eruwv2q) @prologic It is very difficult it seems. There are those who will argue “just talk to them through text and calls” like the old days, which on the surface at least seems a fair enough argument, but I don’t know it’s always that easy. I feel like anyone that does that might, depending on the people they are family/friends with, be seen as a bit outcast or something. I hate the big tech platforms as much as anyone, but it’s hard to be kept “in the loop” if I don’t at least keep some tabs on it.


(#eruwv2q) @prologic In the case of social media it’s really just the factor of my close family and friends being on the likes of Facebook, which is really the only mainstream social media I’m on. It probably sounds like a cop out, but I don’t think I’m the only one. As for junk food, ironically I have that more under control, mostly because it upset my stomach 😅 There is occasional indulgence of course though.


More I think of it, I believe the typical popular social media landscape as we know it is an analog to junk food.

As we know junk food:

  • rewards the pleasure sensors, not necessarily through good means
  • is addictive and often designed to be so
  • often defended/justified by the masses as being okay in ‘moderation’, despite knowing that it’s addictive qualities make that difficult in some cases.

I think the above can be directly applied to the big social media platforms too.


@adi (#3sj7hkq) Ahh okay, never seen that before. Mine is basically this. I admit I haven’t at all looked up RSS/Atom specifications or anything so not sure how correct the actual feed is, should probably check that some time!


@adi (#3sj7hkq) I’m pretty sure the mkws archive I downloaded just had the sitemap.uppxml file, which I based my rss.uppxml on, but copied in the relevant atom tag bits from another blog site. Then I loop through my folder pages, source the meta data, etc, similar as how I customized the mkws script.


@prologic (#6r5i5fq) totally agree with you but unfortunately I think critical thinking escapes too many. In some ways I’m pretty sure these social media platforms encourage lack of critical thinking. A lot easier to keep and control a big dumb addicted herd.


(#qweuzga) Interesting article. The author seems to prefer the populace social media model with all the problems it brings. On the one hand I know what he’s saying, but on the other I think he’s being a bit defeatist.


(#jb7ygmq) It’s pretty bloody ridiculous. Unfortunately, it’s a good example of the real problem - not the internet itself, but corporations and those in power mucking it up for everyone else.