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(#juf7kpa) @prologic Haha yeah I hear ya. In my case it’s simply twts I don’t want to forget about that have helpful hints, I guess in this case really about coding matters. That’s probably the main thing one could draw from it!


(#p24jahq) it’s all good mate. I wasn’t even worried, I think because A. you’ve mentioned it’s self hosted before and B. overall yeah we’re decentralised. It’s nice not having that anxiety one might get from a big silo when they have downtime, wondering if they’ve finally kicked the bucket and all your data is gone.


(#cqzsjsq) @adi True, on the name.
As for what’s preventing me, just time and being prepared to switch a few things up. The existing site has a few things going on with the current CMS like auto-generating thumbnails, image resizing, a search function plus about 217 articles to convert over.


(#cqzsjsq) @adi Speaking of that site, it currently runs on the flat file PHP Kirby CMS but one day I hope to convert it over to something like mkws.sh, which should be interesting. The current CMS makes liberal use of front matter etc.


(#cqzsjsq) @adi Yeah not a bad idea. Admittedly sometimes I make my meta descriptions a little bit personalised and not really anything to do with the first paragraph, but your way is probably more proper.


@adi (#cqzsjsq) yeah I prefer not using front matter too, even to the point where I used the external meta files as you know. Which isn’t perfect but I preferred that than adding an extra thing to separate and process in the one file.


(#ii5fobq) I assume you were meaning to tag @adi ?
But yes, his mkws.sh is great 🤘 It’s minimal but powerful because of pp and all the things you can do using the shell and UNIX-type programs.