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@mutefall@twtxt.net Stupid Moore’s and Koomey’s laws. It’s incredible to me how we have exponentially more computing power, only by waiting.

Also, it’s being invisible to us. We have a lot of magical systems (GPS, WiFi, Cryptography, Cell phones) and now we don’t value that much what’s happening behind the scenes.

For me it’s a matter of adapting to the current reality, and fighting against my nostalgia (everything was better before), but at the same time slowing down the stupid speed of innovation.

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In-reply-to » I'm thinking of operating a 'twtxt . es' pod (for content in spanish/español)

@mutefall we could try it 🤔

I want to invite more Spanish-speaking people to Twtxt and kind of separate conversations in another language. I could buy and manage the domain, and if you’d like to share resources would be great. Later if it grows, we might share expanses or something.

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I’m thinking of operating a ‘twtxt . es’ pod (for content in spanish/español)

It’s gonna cost something like 100 USD/year (domain + hosting), nothing excessive, but I have some weird feeling about paying on stuff not being used that much. Thoughts?

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I have used Windows OS for almost 30 years. I don’t dislike it that much. (And I use Android, iOS, macOS, -buntus, Debian, etc, at the same time)

But this week, I wanted to log in and I couldn’t use my PIN or Fingerprint for unknown reasons, and since I wasn’t using my password I forgot it. Damn, those strange cases where things don’t work as expected.

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In-reply-to » After only working 4 day work weeks for the past month and a bit and now going back to 5 days (6 days this week!) is gonna take a bit of a toll. 😂😴

@ullarah@txt.quisquiliae.com the team switched from 5 to 4-day work last month, and it has been kind of strange. But since I’m giving classes on Saturdays, has been refreshing!

How have you felt of the switch?

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In-reply-to » Elon Musk Warns Twitter Users, 'You Are Being Manipulated by the Algorithm' Twitter's potential new owner just made this announcement to his 93.1 million followers. "Very important to fix your Twitter feed," the annoncement began:

@prologic a problem with Twitter is that you ‘cannot’ serve ads based on keyword searches. It could be perhaps by hashtags, people you follow, or similar.

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In-reply-to » @prologic, I think it's about time I try out Salty. I followed from the instructions on the website, and it didn't go too well. I suspect it's because the local path from my JSON file (/01G268YYHWGNYT9M1M9760KP83) on mckinley.cc doesn't return anything because I don't have a broker set up there.

@prologic I ran the go install command, but I think I’m getting the 0.0.20 version. Should I do something different if I download it from https://git.mills.io/saltyim/saltyim/releases/tag/0.0.21 ?

go install go.mills.io/saltyim/cmd/salty-chat@latest
salty-chat -v
salty-chat version v0.0.0-20220506225044-cea7e7fcf623 built with go1.18.1 (checksum: h1:E3adFfRMLn55i+pPM9s35TkDTCfeQtx6o/6JIXh53t0=)

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