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 (10 hours ago)

(#lb2762q) @prologic I think the Discover tab should be combined with /feeds and feeds.twtxt.net since both are giving the user options for discovering new feeds to follow

 (18 hours ago)

@prologic @adi (#gk4ss7a) I’m not done at all yet, so still a lot to change. But yes at some point that is my dream to have such an option. Maybe similar to how miniflux does custom css.

 (20 hours ago)

@adi (#gk4ss7a) also an option. I looked at several classless CSS styles and my idea is that the users and/or pod admin can easily use whatever stylesheet they want MySpace-style😉

 (2 days ago)

@prologic (#5gb3dqq) yes and that where I got the inspiration from😉 I want to add it the topnav (timeline, mentions, etc) so you can see if need to click on it or not since you last checked


Damn threading and replays on that 🐦 site is a mess. I had my first conversation on there today and I really missed twtxt/yarn conversation view!