hey I am king here

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 (2 days ago)

idea light bulb sound
Join your social network with the fediverse!
They are a league of federated social networks!
We might be able to attract a few more users if twtxt lands on the front page!
See what I mean?

 (2 days ago)

(#a7hn7pq) 4 THOUSAND people a day?!
no, that can’t be right, the months active says 3.5k
3,500 / 30.


So you have approximately around 100 daily active users.
hey thats pretty good. :)

 (1 week ago)

@prologic (#i4ccada) I would like to help but I don’t know much about javascript (yet)
I guess I don’t want to code, I’m more into visual things.
plus, its really hard! :O

 (1 week ago)

hey guys its Twtxt Election Day.
It’s officially been one month since I joined,
meaning we vote on people to be my representative.
now we will count the votes and the person with the most votes wins and immidialaty gets inaugurated into Office.

I’ve chosen the first 2 campaigners
off_grid_living and birb-friend.

now vote! :D

 (1 week ago)

@off_grid_living (#i4ccada) it takes minutes to upload a kilobytes file,
is your internet super slow?
for contrast, my internet speed is 122 mb and 33 mb,
are you running a massive server thats taking bandwidth?