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 (10 hours ago)


We have an IRC channel on the LibraChat IRC network. You are welcome to come chat to us and hang out.

That’s LiberaChat

 (23 hours ago)

(#obtqrkq) @prologic Well, Facebook updates your feed whenever you upload a new photo I guess, so if a website is your “social profile” might as well update your twtxt feed on various actions?

 (1 day ago)

Speaking of vision, my vision is everybody’s “social profile” is his self hosted web site! Customized a la MySpace if the owner prefers so.

 (1 day ago) (#25qamca) I read that Guardian piece last week, I’m not very much in touch witch crypto stuff so I don’t have much of an opinion.

Can’t help feeling that this and bookface is the sum total of some folks exposure to tech. Not a great look!

The gap in understanding between tech and non-tech people is a problem! This is a good watch on the subject, it doesn’t apply only to RSS, it applies to any tech.

It’s interesting how he calls them “normies”.