In-reply-to » One of the important lessons: Yeah, it’s really, really annoying. 😂

I would have loved to transfer the contents of one particular hard drive onto a Compact Flash card, doing a 1:1 copy using dd – but that just won’t work. The card has a different CHS geometry than the HDD. I actually spent a couple of days trying to work around this: Reading/understanding/reverse-engineering OS/2’s boot loader code and trying to fix the incorrect bytes. It does indeed boot now and I learned a lot. QEMU is quite powerful and allows you to attach a gdb process to the machine, so you can single-step the instructions, read memory, and what not. But fdisk still shows errors, so I don’t trust it … Maybe writing to a particular area of the filesystem will crash the whole thing. 🫤

It’s a strange hobby that I picked there. 😂

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