In-reply-to » I need to add multithreading to the desktop client, I have not done that before in c++ - so that'll be fun to figure out. I need it for the fetching of the timeline so that it happens in a separate thread. That way the GUI does not freeze while fetching the timeline. Also need to add a status bar that can show what the application is working on.

Also - the last thing I needed is sorted, how to get vs code to pick up the default.nix shell environment, there is a really nice addon for vs code that picks up what is in that file, and then set up the environment based on that, meaning I can now open the source, configure, compile and debug with vscode, this was the last piece that was missing. I will write a blog post on my website that explain what I learned, and how I fixed all these things, maybe it’ll help someone else to try NixOS for some development.

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