In-reply-to » I just posted this on LinkedIn in response to a survey from a colleague of mine asking whether ChatGPT should be credited as a co-author on papers: I’d disagree. The world is huge. We are 8 billion people, as individuals we can impact 100, perhaps 1,000 people. Even the biggest companies impact billions, but not all humanity. Even countries and global leaders impact a slice of the world. It’s a huge problem for us to solve. It’s nice tring to break limits. In my youth, for that sake I joined into politics, companies, and non-profits. And it’s hard and a bit disappointing that things doesn’t improve in the way we’d expect. Requires a lot of energy to fight the status quo.

And we need to have hope of a better world. We as humans, NEED hope. Thats why religions, organizations, volunteers, exist.
It’s not romantic to say something against hope. It’s better to say “Yeah, let’s follow this politician/businesspeople/influencer/idealism, they have an answer to the problem”, usually is not true.

But on what I’d agree is that we can impact OUR world. We can avoid using the polluting product, the toxic technology or what the evil company mak

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