In-reply-to » Driving to the office feels absolutely bizarre now. This car traffic … everyone acts like it’s a race track. Sheer egoism, everywhere you look: “I won’t let YOU pass, who do you think you are?!” It’s probably always been like that, I’ve just grown blind to it over time. 😳 Whoops, I forgot about that reply. But now that you’ve mentioned bikes in the other thread, I remembered … 😅

This is the height profile that Google has calculated: Looks exhausting, if you ask me. I never tried, though, I don’t even own a bike at the moment.

Fun fact: It’s 21km if you’re going by bike. Everything is optimized towards cars. I wish they would just dedicate one lane on the highway for bikes and the other lane has a limit of 30kph. Or something like that. 😐

And then, when I arrive at the office, I’d have no idea where to put my bike. If it’s just me, I’d find a spot, sure – but what if everyone does it? Turns out, it’s a bit of an unsolved problem. (But hey, if we wanted to do this, if we wanted to get people to use bikes, we’d find a solution. Even those underground parking garages in the video sound like a dream to me.)

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