In-reply-to » Alright, here we go, it’s been a year now. I have a camera sitting in one of the windows, it takes a shot every day. Here’s a timelapse video: Wait, what?! A year has already passed again? No way! Even better, it caught me by surprise, no more waiting. :-) This is an extremely lovely project, mate! Again, just like last time, suddenly: autum. Bam. Out of nowhere. Basically the same with spring, leaves are everywhere after the blink with an eye. But autum with the drop of the leaves is much more extreme. I kind of miss the orangy season, though. I had the impression it lasted longer last time. Not by much, just a little bit longer.

As predicted, I did not saw the accident where you had to re-setup the camera. I tried to spot it, no chance. Very well done!

I’m also loving your new ideas. Go for it!

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