In-reply-to » Guys, I have a bad news, I went through the twtxt-osphere : - I found 1289 twtxt account - among those 721 are accessible ( 712 http / 9 gemini / 0 gopher) - but only 111 account are still active in 2022 :S (107 http / 4 gemini / 0 gopher). Based on an idea by I used a simple quickly and dirty made walker algorithm (bypassing the spider trap) to find the interconnected account (1289) I only found the interconnected ones (since 2016) (if you have accounts that you know and are not referenced I can send the walker algorithm across them) :

  • Some don’t answer anymore, the one that does answer => accessible (721)
  • Some still post in 2022 => active (111)

Then I computed a normalized ranking algorithm in all of those with the number of time a people talk about you for the influence (it sounds like I’m talking like a star trek characters).

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