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In-reply-to » Ok, had some fun porting 9front virtio drivers to 9legacy for OpenBSD vmd:

@movq@www.uninformativ.de https://9front.org/ is a fork of the original https://plan9.io/plan9/. I just ported 9fronts drivers (https://git.9front.org/plan9front/plan9front/1b51d5683a5d8adcde03bbd277e6331f23c2f723/sys/src/9/pc/ethervirtio.c/f.html and https://git.9front.org/plan9front/plan9front/1b51d5683a5d8adcde03bbd277e6331f23c2f723/sys/src/9/pc/sdvirtio.c/f.html) to the original Plan 9. It was almost drop in to be honest. If I were to build one from scratch, there’s this: https://brennan.io/2020/03/22/sos-block-device/, looks digestible.

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