In-reply-to » My mate and I spontaneously decided to go for a longer tour today in 29°C heat. We ended up hiking 23 km in 4:30 hours. I had two liters of mineral water in my backpack and we bought a bottle of cherry limonade each on the way in. In the end we opted for pear limo at the same self-service fridge. What a great invention these small vending machines and self-service huts are! In Germany shops are closed on Sundays, so we would have needed to find an open restaurant (plenty didn't survive Corona) with some detours. This is quite fast, yes. But we both are quite fast walkers, so the speed wasn’t too bad. The heat was way more brutal, especially since we had a lot of sections without shade. It’s hard to guess but maybe 50:50 in the shade and in the sun. Luckily, I wore my trusty Akubra. And we had to be very economical with our water, since we only decided on the way to go for the trip we had talked about months ago. So we weren’t prepared for it.

But we had the paths mostly for us, there were only very few other people around. So that was cool.

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