In-reply-to > twtxt critic: Unfortunately the original values seam to have been eroded. Yarn is turning twtxt in to a cheap copy of Mastodon without the benefit of the Fediverse. What happened to everybody hosting their own twt files in a public facing folder? I was hoping development would have gone in the direction to help people to publish to a personnel held public facing folder via FTP, Dropbox, Sia Skynet, IPFS etc. And servers would just be search engines, and proxies etc. I appreciate the hard work that has gone in to the however ...

@tamer It’s completely different. It’s just funny to me saying “Facebook is bad, don’t use it”. Here you are listened to by the designers and influence the product/system, I love that!

From the thread, maybe saying ‘cheap copy’ was harsh for an open product. I, being harsh sometimes, get it’s difficult to be open and polite at the same time.