In-reply-to » #randomQuestionsOfTheDay Go. For the following reasons:

  • Go has a simple and easy learning curve with the right balance of “languages” features
  • Go is a statically compiled language with good performace
  • Go has a great standard library
  • Go has great tooling
  • Go’s packaging (whilst some argue against) is actually pretty good
  • Go has first-class concurrency
  • Go’s concurrency model (CSP) lets you model concurrent programs linearly making concurrent programs easier to read
  • Go has a focus on readability
  • Go compiles insanely fast (if you avoid using CGO)
  • Go doesn’t support silly things like classes which is fucking great!
  • Go supports actual good reuse with interfaces and interface types
  • Go supports functional programming (yes it does!)
  • Go is awesome!

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